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The Power Struggle: How HOA Management Companies Can Overstep Boundaries

Homeowners association (HOA) management companies are hired to manage and maintain community properties. They are tasked with enforcing the rules and regulations set forth by the HOA board. While they serve a vital role in keeping communities running smoothly, there are times when HOA management companies can overstep their boundaries.

What is an HOA Management Company?

An HOA management company is a professional service that manages and maintains community properties. They are hired by the HOA board to oversee the day-to-day operations of the community, including collecting dues, enforcing rules and regulations, and maintaining common areas.

Overstepping Boundaries

While HOA management companies are hired to enforce the rules, there are times when they can overstep their boundaries. Some common examples include:

  • Ignoring the HOA Board: HOA management companies are hired by the HOA board to carry out their wishes. However, there are times when management companies may ignore the board’s direction and make decisions without their approval.
  • Overcharging for Services: HOA management companies are paid for their services, but there are times when they may overcharge for services. This can include charging for unnecessary repairs or services that were not agreed upon.
  • Enforcing Unreasonable Rules: While the HOA board sets the rules, it is up to the management company to enforce them. However, there are times when management companies may enforce rules that are unreasonable or not in line with community values.

The Power Struggle

When HOA management companies overstep their boundaries, it can create a power struggle between the company and the HOA board. This can lead to conflicts, disagreements, and even legal disputes.

To prevent this from happening, it is important for the HOA board to establish clear boundaries with the management company. This includes outlining responsibilities, establishing communication protocols, and setting expectations for performance.


HOA management companies play a vital role in maintaining and managing community properties. However, there are times when they can overstep their boundaries and create conflicts with the HOA board. By establishing clear boundaries and expectations, the power struggle between the two can be avoided, and the community can thrive.






2 responses to “The Power Struggle: How HOA Management Companies Can Overstep Boundaries”

  1. William Edwards

    Our management company called a leak detection service company without me, the apartment owner’s permission, when !y 2 nd floor A/C condensation drip pan leaked water down onto hers right below mine.
    I called the local service rep who came and cleared the clogged drain line.

    Now the management company sent a $762..52 bill to me, but the leak detector service was not needed, and I did not call them.

    Am I liable for this?

    1. Definitely check the operative documents to determine responsibility for limited common elements, such as water or sewer lines that run through the walls of the building. You might even also consider reviewing your specific state’s statutes or mandates regarding the responsibility of issues like this.

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